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Logically no need to include all content, only the structure main sections and seo company subsections so that the search robot, if you enter this map, be accessible all the main sections to find information. As a bonus, the maps of the sites offer the opportunity to include pages normally they could not be part of the normal structure of site navigation. As example, you might find a short list of the most outstanding content that are a click and there is no searching the robot through different categories. Yet all this, we must keep in mind that you can not overdo the amount of links the map. If the site is large you should choose the pages you want seo services in india to highlight.

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This page helps to indexing but does not imply that if a page is not in the not be indexed map.. The map is a way to provide aid to indexing robots. In addition, sometimes, if the user does not have much idea where to find a content is likely to go to this site map to get a clearer idea of their structure so they can reach their duties. Eleven fifteen twenty twenty-one seo guide version reference guide seo. Url this chapter is highly technical content, so it is recommended that the reading everyone, but its application only to those with knowledge enough to apply technical and safely.

As i said on several occasions, the site structure is one of the elements which makes the information is well organized and thus is much simpler get to it. Like the title of the web page, the url is one of the elements shown in search results, which makes it one of the important elements. Typically, search robots often index websites based on their depth. The depth usually be given by the number of folders, files or parameters urls and this same operation must be taken into account and their correction in the as far as possible. It is clear that the second option is much more intuitive than the first because the user see search results find that the address is related to what you want, besides being much easier to remember than the first.

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The question is simple how can you get these addresses in a simple way? In this case it is not as simple as include a bold or an italic in text, since it chances are that if you have such complex directions is because you use a system database. If you simply have a page on html thing to do is take care well do you call files. You could make a simple classification of two types of web addresses that carry identifiers and no. The carrying handle are those that same file, as is the case in the first example, we pass a number or name that is changing and shows a page or another. You must also bear in mind that the system is very different urls for changes internet information server iis? Apache http server to? Two web servers most common on the internet, as there is a system that allows these improvements that is easily implemented by default in apache but not in iis, although do you have iraqi rewrite? Which will be functional with the lite version free for the basic needs.

Operation mod_rewrite it is very simple, although you have to be very careful with him as misconfiguration could not work anything. For version isapi rewrite is recommended reading operation. For the version of apache that comes by default simply create a file in the root directory of our website called. Ht access view this keep watch point at the beginning of the name, but it is also. Iis. Net http:httpd. Apache. Org. Isapirewrite. 

Apache. Orgdocs. modmod_rewrite. Html eleven seo services in india fifteen twenty twenty-one seo guide version reference guide seo www. Javiercasares advisable to give a look at their documentation. For the following examples, all they based on apache. That's why a protocol was developed for the search bots comply creating files robots. Text. The file robots. Text is very important in regard to the search robots, and which it is the first thing you top seo company in india are going to visit a website, even before the homepage domain.